Rapture and Fatigue--Director's Cut


Inspiration hits with a flash, stories written on the go. A rumble of laughter and the tale is heard only in echoes. The wind blows me in a new direction. Whom shall I visit next?

My heart has just burst

With a pain most exquisite-

Jumping on blisters


O I am weary!

My thoughts are eroding fast

Let them sluice away,


For they've disguised me.

Please wash away, scales from eyes,

And show me myself


How I've missed the truth

I scarce remember the grin

I wore when I was glad


Rinsed, it's not there now.

That is why I cloaked myself

The daylight feels fine


The sun and I align

Again. Warmth connects with me

A circuit is renewed


Heart, drained of poisons,

Is rinsed clean; again it's filled

With light and with hope


Perhaps there's pow'r enough

To restore the girl you left,

Renew expired life


I was long resigned

To illness, to destruction,

Abandonment, pain


As you intended.

You jeered and mocked me, darling,

Landing one more blow


The skin drinks wine, ah!

The wounds knit the ruptures heal,

But time runs forward,


Not backward; Not the past.

The present sees its own birth

Without you, I'll begin


No need to knock, Love--

Love itself, I mean, not you!

My arms thirst for peace.


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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Ah, the healing tears that both close you off and open you up to love once again. This is beautifully written.

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Thank you Elsha! Actually your response points out a way of reading this that honestly did not come to mind during composition.

The various dingbats and characters between verses/haikus was at first just a typo, but I got into it a bit more in time. :D

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Inspired by (sequel to):

My heart exploded today

With a pain most exquisite

Like acne under digital pressure


Rapture and Fatigue

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