Recovery Attempts


This too shall pass.

Twin-twin explosions sounded close beside us, explosive charges sending the secondary airtight hatch slamming closed. The three-ton heavy vehicle took a step back on automatic stabilisers while the air pressure equalised, then set us gently down.

I checked comms and was forced into shipyard emergency channels by my seniority.

"- going on out there? I can't get hold of any seniors from Bay Three."

"Flight control sensors tracking something massive in -"

"Break. Someone's on channel. Is that you, Emma?"

"Since when were you on first-name basis with the Chief?"

I sighed. Sometimes, I missed military service - there was a discipline that civilians lacked.

"All break, this is Ops Chief Sayre. We have major security incident in Bay Three. DD-438 is executing rogue flight manuevers. I need all EVA specialist personnel, along with receiving Bay Three leads, to report to freight lock Three immediately. This is not a drill."

Channel switch.

"Nyquist, Sayre. I'm gathering personnel at the freight airlock."

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DD-438 is the official hull number of the ship Distant Mountain. DD refers to its class as a full-blooded destroyer (a real-life US Navy classification), while 438 is its unique identifier.

Freight locks are explained here:

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