Pink Parasite


Originally Princess Binky Lemontwist.

StormWithSkin and ShatteredFantasist on Wattpad.

If leeches had fuzzy bubblegum pink bodies, big anime eyes, and a dazzling smile full of ferocious pin-sized teeth... They'd be named after you.

You are drilling into my shoulders and chest as you stare back up at me with tears in your eyes like it's my fault I'm bleeding out.

You've burrowed and made a home underneath the skin of my palms and expect me to keep working.

And God forbid I see a doctor about you. Because then you really show me what pain is and you dig into my bones. I scream for help. You jump out and spit acid at the ones who try to remove you.

So I've become alone. Quarantined in a tiny cell with no one but your cheery munching self to keep me company.

But dear little parasite, once you've killed me, where will that leave you?


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  • Published 6 years ago.
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