Superpowers and Choices

ElshaHawk LoA

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The makeshift hospital room was stark. I gazed down at him, waiting for him to wake. There were surprisingly few wires connected. I bent over him to disconnect them. His eyes fluttered open and met mine. He began to stir.

"Don't move too fast."

"I.. I feel.. AMAZING!"

"Yes, I gave you access to your superpowers."

"This is.. you are awesome!" He began to flex his newfound muscles.

"Yes, yes, now you have the ability to connect with me in a plethora of ways to learn and to grow, as well as a choice. You can use your powers for good, or you can use them to stab me in the back, or if you prefer, to rip my heart out and break it into a million pieces."

"Wha..?" His look of utter consternation meant it was time for me to leave him to ponder my words.

"Just remember. I have invested much in you. How you choose to use it, repay and stay with me or give it all away and move on, is up to you."

"Oh I could never.."

I held up a silencing hand, "Time will tell. For now, just take small steps."


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Mighty-Joe Young LOA

Mighty-Joe Young LOA

I think he's a hero.

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