In Presence Exalted


This too shall pass.

At long last, Orthael returned the sword to its guard position and stood quietly for several seconds before realising there were no foes left to slay. That was not to say that he was alone, however. There was someone in the clearing beyond the trees, a silhouette that knelt low at the very centre of a circle of destroyed bodies.

Lycans, thought he. Not the Dead. Ashmar's touch lies not on these.

The flame that tugged was still now, burning low. Neither spark nor smoke nor ember spoke, and so Orthael approached. The figure was slight, young, female. She rose to a full kneel, lifting and displaying a sword that rang clear with power.

Orthael strode on until he reached the very edge of the clearing and waited, for though he could not see her tears he could feel the grief within her crackle - fierce and hard like the wrath of the Fire. He stood, patiently.

Surely he had been led here by the All-Consumer, moving through the world on its mysterious and benevolent dance. There was enough time for patience.

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Spark, smoke, ember.

The start, the full flower, the end.

The All-Consuming Fire has three well-known Archangels.

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Jim Stitzel

Jim Stitzel

I like it. At last, the two protagonists meet.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

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