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I've got a monster in me.

A lazy, hungry one. A liar.

He's like the evil Pooh bear sitting on the kitchen counter, always beckoning. His voice is the most insistent at night, when I'm alone, or when I'm already feeling crummy. It whispers clearly, “Come over here, friend. You know what cheers me up? A snack! Food never lets me down.”

I'm not hungry, I'm sad. Part of me knows that but a bigger part of me can't tell the difference.

Its 3 a.m. and I don't know how long I've been standing in front of the open refrigerator but I can hear Pooh whispering over my shoulder. “Oh yes. Look at all this food. We can have a banquet just for you. Eat all you want. The more you eat, the better you'll feel.”

It's 3 a.m. and everything is fuzzy and crummy and bothersome, and I think maybe he's right. He loves me and wants me to be happy. He wouldn't lie. Nothing else is working.

I eat because it's easier than not eating. Sometimes eating chases the pain away. Mostly I get fatter and more self-conscious--and more alone.


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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

"Food never lets me down" because it's inanimate, however, it can still hurt you. The easy way is not always the best way. I love that Pooh is part sad Eeyore, but he chooses to see that as someone else and not his problem.

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Mighty-Joe Young LOA

Mighty-Joe Young LOA

I think this story should be used for substance abuse counciling. I love how it illustrates the battle taking place between the body and cravings. Oh and nice to see you again quick its been a long time.

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Yay for sequel!!! I actually know someone who goes through this so it's very life-like.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

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A sad one

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