Gunfire: The Sky


This too shall pass.

The old officer's expression was open. Instead of mockery, I read nothing but pain.

I stepped back, momentarily confused.

"I - I should go."

Poryse nodded quietly and drained the last of his coffee, as if the past ten seconds had been entirely imaginary.

"Very good, Monsieur. We shall be at Aery Navaska shortly before mid-day, and expect to stay for at least one day to resupply, if it would please you to spend some time ashore."

I left and wandered out to one of the walkways to watch the world pass by below me. The combination of the slow descent towards Navaska and a rising headwind led to a stiff breeze, but I merely tucked hands into pockets and looked at the world below.

Pain? Grief? I was a proud defender of the nation. I served with excellence and distinction, in keeping with the highest traditions of my country. I was the tip of the spear in war and the edge of the knife in peace.

So what had happened in that old chapel? What had happened to make all my life a lie and Poryse's regret the truth?


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Gunfire: The Watch
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