Raised Tempo


This too shall pass.

Nyquist's channel was squawking again.

"Break break break. Enfield One, Sphinx. High priority redirect."

"Enfield is holding the dockside end of the boarding tunnel, awaiting all-clear. Send traffic."

"Boarding tunnel may be about to open to vacuum. Sphinx One has unsuited assets -"

The right side of the boarding tunnel shifted towards us, then jerked a full metre closer. With a nervousness that I didn't have to feign, I looked out of the windows. The Distant Mountain was shedding its cocoon of scaffold, staccato bursts of thruster fire lighting up Bay Three.

I comm'd Nyquist.

"Sir, we need to be out of here now. The dockside doors have pressure-keeping secondaries if the primaries are destroyed."

He understood.

"Griffon Two escort, full forward burn. Enfield, rip those doors open and catch us as we come in."

The trooper holding me tightened his grip, touched the side of the tunnel briefly and then kicked off. A rumble from his main EVA backpack hit both of us with a surge of delta-vee.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Amped up the action. Even as he saves her, I wonder if he really is the bad guy.

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Who's to say? Life is moral greys.

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