The Beast At the Clubhouse

ElshaHawk LoA

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We built a clubhouse way back where our two properties meet, sheltered in the woods. It was a our own safe house, a place of love, friendship, and laughter.

Soon after it was built, the thrill of a new getaway began to wear off. We'd named it, made signs to announce to others that it was off-limits to intruders, and falsely believed our parents oblivious to its existence.

We'd meet there in silence. At first, it was companionable to just lie near each other. If he didn't want to talk about what was going on at home, that was fine. When I had a problem, he'd listen to my silent tears and sniffles, too.

But not talking created a beast. It was large and green, the color of jealousy. He never saw it. It came out when he wasn't around. It would growl outside the door and paw at the foundation. I would cower in fright and refuse to leave until someone came out and scared the beast away.

One day the beast was going to dig enough soil from the foundation to collapse the clubhouse around me. Who would rescue me?


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Mighty-Joe Young LOA

Mighty-Joe Young LOA

Read it, like the clubhouse metaphor. Uhm.

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