Furtive Action


This too shall pass.

Raf had always been a quick thinker. By my count it was not quite ten seconds before klaxons and warning lights went off.


I made a show of looking back and forth to waste a few seconds. Raised my handheld and blinked a few commands erroneously before using the right one.

"Sir, someone started the undock override. We need to get out of this boarding tunnel now!"


"Sir, full thruster control will be enabled within twenty seconds. We are not safe in this tunnel!"

Nyquist ground his teeth. We were barely a third of the way down.

"Back! Back! Griffon Two, two troopers for propulsion escort. Otherwise, make an orderly withdrawal."

One of the marines wrapped an arm decorously around my waist and pushed off with a thin hiss of his suit thrusters. Another marine had Nyquist.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

How long can she keep up the ruse?

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Since he and Ms Sayre are the only ones in the tunnel without independent jetpack propulsion, two troopers from Griffon Two have to come and help them out. Sayre's trooper seems to be very mindful of propriety.

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