why I bother


Inspiration hits with a flash, stories written on the go. A rumble of laughter and the tale is heard only in echoes. The wind blows me in a new direction. Whom shall I visit next?

I don't know why I bother

I struggle thrash and flounder

I pitch my tent at Deva Station

They're streaming me the information,

And on the darker side of the stream

I glimpse the ones who made the team

The roots of lilies clutch my feet

My kind of girl has fallen obsolete

I try so hard to be worthwhile,

To love you hard, to make you smile

To charm you darling, satisfy

Your needs and wishes. Don't know why

I bother killing my time this way

I know no matter what I say

You're already past me on your course

Away out yonder; as your horse

Persuades the distance now to grow

Forever longer. Long ago

Seems even farther than before

I thought you loved me; you ignore

My hugs and messages, as you did

From our first meeting. See you, kid.

If you had loved me back... well, crap!

I'd love to have you on my lap

Again, but my seat's out from under

I crack my spine, and it's no wonder.

I can't stop loving, missing you

And missing you. And missing you.

Good bye, don't come back. It's too late

Don't watch as I disintegrate.


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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA


  • #1576 Posted 5 years ago
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I ADORE THIS POEM! The repetition towards the end there was utter perfection.

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  • Published 5 years ago.
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