Cloaks and Daggers


This too shall pass.

Bay Three was smaller than some of the other bays, but it still evoked a sense of incredible distance. The lack of suited workers moving around made judging scale impossible. Speaking of - there was no way Edwards could have pulled everyone out so quickly. Had I missed something?

A familiar tickle at the edge of my vision prompted me to look at my inbox. A reply from Edwards at the highest priority.

RaEdwards > Do not allow CDR Nyq & team to board that vessel. Remember Olympus? Trust me.

The word brought back a wave of memories - a little saddened by regret, a little tarnished by time, but still a tiny flicker of warmth to be cradled for a moment before crushing out of existence.

I thought quickly. I could lie, but there was no guarantee I would convince him. Better to do something that required no active deception.

A few swift navigation strokes drew me to an unsent draft, then its attached access changes. Dock permissions, shakedown trials authorisation. I edited the recipient and hit send.

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Ships in dock are, obviously, secured. Ms Sayre looks for the permission files that would otherwise have been given to the person in charge of the "shakedown trials", where the ship is taken out to check that all its systems work properly, and sends it out - early - to the yet-to-be-seen Edwards.

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