Just Between Friends

ElshaHawk LoA

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"This damsel in distress had two heroes and she brought them both home." I explained.

"Was she Mormon??" a very puzzled Amanda asked. She was my closest female friend and I hoped she could follow this plot.

"The Mormons gave up that polygamy thing long ago. Just stick with me."

"How does she choose which one? Is one handsomer, or one more insanely stupid?"

"They each have their unique properties she finds attractive. They each complete something inside her heart."

"So, she can't choose."

"Well, one hero she knew since they were kids. The other one she met later in college. But she cares for them both deeply."

"She's gonna have to stay single."


"Because she can date them both and not feel guilty."

"What if she eloped one crazy night with one of them and yet her heart is still with both?"

"You're back to polygamy again."

I sighed. After a moment I said, "Don't people call that an open relationship?"

"Why are you thinking about this?"

"It's for a story," I lied.


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Your dialogue tags are perfectly placed to lend clarity to who's speaking, and you've given enough hints at both characters to create a convincing conversation.

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