My Soul Sings Silently Inside

ElshaHawk LoA

Ficlets and Ficly survivor, FicMom, and Mistress of Well-Intentioned Indecision and Goddess of Unrequited Love. @ElshaHawk @HawkandYoung

My soul is restless tonight. I've forgotten what that feels like. I want to move, to run, to jump out of my skin, my comfort zone, and do and see and FEEL something else.

I've been stuck in a daily grind for so long, a perfectly even keel of sleep, work, and sleep again, that I forgot what it was to LIVE.

Until today. Today I broke free. Today I grabbed life and shook it until it shook me. Why today? Why now?

I wasn't motivated to dance with life while my best friend was gone. Who cared if I won or lost? I played the game. I moved my pawn around the board. I rolled the dice.

But tonight.. tonight I can really play. I was dealt a good hand. I caught the eye of my best friend and he gave me a nod that said, "Go."

I flew. Higher than I thought I could go. I ran farther, I played harder, and I came back for more. We danced, twirling, swirling, smiling, laughing.

Then my turn ended.

I sit in euphoria, restless, watching the moves around me. My soul sings silently inside.


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