In the Darkness


This too shall pass.

I watched the message go out and switched into a wider communications view, scrolling through the new options afforded by military-grade clearance. One of them was Nyquist's command channel.

"Loading dock secure. Commencing fuel and munitions load."

"OPs established by the crane zero-four and behind the armour crates. Positions marked."

"Primary objective identified, projected return to sublight velocity as expected."

"Sphinx copies all. En route with specialist personnel."

I focused out in time to seem alert when he looked over, clearing my throat and doing my best to act like I had been waiting.

"This way, sir. Main corridor, then the blue line along to the doors. I'll scan us in."

"Very good, lieutenant. Lead on."

A gaggle of troopers had fanned out around the door, which answered me with a click and a tiny hiss of equalising air pressures. Beyond was a double-width boarding tunnel, stretching out ahead of us in graceful linearity.

Polycarbonate windows revealed Bay Three in vast and eerie darkness.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Gotta play the part, Lieutenant.

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Comms chatter here, all of it useful to Nyquist but only of passing interest to the reader.

A unit commander that had already been speaking before Sayre joins the channel announces that they are loading the Distant Mountain with fuel and weapons.

It then goes on to inform him that there are a few men set up to watch for enemies, in positions behind one of the three-dimensional cargo cranes (number 4) and behind a set of large titanium armour plates. In case more precision is required, the points are marked on the tactical map.

Someone then breaks into the channel without announcing themselves (poor radio discipline!) and informs everyone that the main aim of the mission has been sighted, roughly where they expected it to be.

Nyquist replies to inform that he's received everything, and that he has picked up Ms Sayre.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

The question of "us" was solved by the materialisation of a pair of guards from behind CDR Nyquist. …

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