A Cry For Help


This too shall pass.

The question of "us" was solved by the materialisation of a pair of guards from behind CDR Nyquist. They were bulked out by tactical suits in Navy blue, with stripes in Marine green. Both had their visors down and weapons drawn.

"Commander, assault weapons are forbidden in Navy shipyards. They pose a significan-"

"Ms Sayre, you are a reservist?"

"Yes, Commander."

"You are reactivated as a Lieutenant Second Class in Navy Special Operations Command. This is your commission. Congratulations."

My ID file updated itself before my eyes.

"What is happening, Comm - sir?"

"I'll brief you on the way. Do we need suits?"

"There should be at least one boarding tunnel connected. Sir."

He considered, then nodded.

"It'll be faster. Clyde, take Griffon Two and secure that tunnel. Double time."

One of the troopers nodded and sprinted off. While Nyquist was distracted, I tapped out a message on my handheld to Edwards, the ops chief for Bay Three.

EmSayre > Something's up. No questions. Get your guys out.

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Get to safety!

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She's too helpful for her own good, I tell you.

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Ms Sayre, ever by-the-books, reminds the good Commander that big guns are not allowed in a facility full of high explosives and floating, heavy equipment. His response is to promote her from Navy Reserve to active duty (into his branch, SOCOM) and thus place her under his command where he can ignore her complaint.

He then asks about the fastest way to get on board the Distant Mountain, and whether or not they'll need to take the time to put on spacesuits. Since there is a air-filled tunnel that leads from the docks onto the ship itself (the ship is nearly finished, after all), they won't need to.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

My eyes narrowed. A tell, which I self-consciously tried to hide behind a quick flip of my hair.


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