Shifting Priorities


This too shall pass.

My eyes narrowed. A tell, which I self-consciously tried to hide behind a quick flip of my hair.

"As I communicated to Navy Systems Command, shakedown trials are tentatively scheduled to start in three months' time. Please -"

"Ms Sayre, I do hate to repeatedly interrupt you, but please understand that time is of the essence. Let me rephrase my question. Is the Distant Mountain in a state where it could leave this shipyard under its own power? Red tape aside."

His tone remained calm and polite, but an edge materialised in his eyes. I noticed that his hand had slowly drifted down towards his hip holster. Something wasn't right: I forced myself back on topic. Stall for time.

"In the strictest sense, yes... structural, reactor, propulsion and flight systems installations are nearly done. I wouldn't like to, but it's a theoretical possibility."

He gave me a smile that had just a touch of frost.

"Very good, Ms Sayre. Please take us to Bay Three. We would like to do so."

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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Ship-napper! Spy! Treeeeeeeeeeason!

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Us, we? Who is with the commander? I'm with RQ, this reeks of ship-napping.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

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