Missed Expectations


This too shall pass.

"Brush him off, I don't have the time. I need to go and talk to Edwards from Bay Three. They were meant to be finished months ago and I'm taking hard questions about where their destroyer is."

I dropped the call and pulled a jacket over my jumpsuit, smoothing my hair out over the collar. It was a short distance to the supply office, where I could double check the cabling had come in as promised -

"Ah, you must be Ms Sayre."

I found my way blocked by a disarmingly handsome officer in dress grays. I cleared my throat after a moment and started to stare him down, only for him to extend a hand.

"Commander Nyquist, SOCOM SPECWAR. I believe you were expecting me?"

I took his hand, suppressing a sigh.

"Commander, I appreciate you coming in person but I don't have time for this right now. We're doing our best, but there's only so much we can -"

"That's not what this is about, ma'am. Do I understand that the Distant Mountain is ready for flight?"


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Nyquist introduces himself deliberately obscurely here. He gives his rank as Commander, which would normally mean he has the post of captain of a small ship - a frigate, destroyer or similar-sized space vessel - but he also indicates that he is from Special Operations COMmand (SOCOM), SPECial WARfare (SPECWAR) division.

Special Operations Special Warfare, by definition, does not have a clear structure. So all our lovely Ms Sayre knows is that she's talking to someone of fairly high rank in charge of something important.

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... and that's probably the desired effect.

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