Baby Escape Plan

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"Shh, don't cry Elise!"

Little 6 year old hands reached through the slats of a crib and patted 12 month old Elise who had awakened from her nap.

The door opened, startling the little boy, and he quickly pulled his hands back.

"Byron!" snapped the nursemaid. "Leave that baby alone!"

Byron's eyes focused on the floor and his hands clutched behind his back as he sidestepped away from the crib. The nursemaid changed his sister's diaper, scolding him the whole time. "Since you can't play nicely, you'll lose half your supper and no outings for today! Stay here!"

"Yes Ma'am. " Byron feigned disappointment. At least this way he avoided a whipping. When she left with his baby sister on her hip, he cringed, but he had to keep up the ruse so he could free them both. Lifting the crib mattress, he removed the false bottom and pulled out his small parachute backpack. Inside he'd stowed the materials for using the airship's docking line as a zip line to freedom.

It was time to start Phase 3: the distraction.


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Oh wow! As you say in the tags, this is one smart 6 year old. I'm rooting for them!

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