The Raid






a warm waterproof hip-length jacket usually with a hood, originally worn in polar regions, but now worn for any outdoor activity


(informal, derogatory) a socially inept person with a hobby considered by most people to be boring

They came at night, as cowards always do.

The raid followed the typical pattern. The Advance Guard set a containment field around our house in case we took the fool notion to run. The Delegate knocked on our door and informed us that we were to be relocated from the planet to a neighboring moon.

“A temporary measure to be sure.” He said, “It is as much for your safety as it is a matter of planetary security. Surely you can understand. This is life during wartime and given your background…”

He trailed off, a flicker of unease crossing his face. Perhaps he feared for his safety, despite the armed guard that flanked him. After all, you never knew what our kind might do.

We were given time to collect a few belongings and then ushered quickly to the transport. Inside, families huddled together. Children clutched at favorite toys, while mothers attempted to soothe them with soft coos and lullabies. My father wept and wrung his hands.

“Surely this is as bad as it gets,” he said.


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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

I have a feeling that last line is a foreshadowing that things can get a LOT worse. Do sequel.

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