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Getting back into the flow of writing, mostly with wordplay and poems. I'm a creative soul, from childhood to middle age, and my joy is to produce new things the world has never seen before. I'm an educator from the USA working as a college professor of lit and music. I'm learning to love myself little by little.

I don't much care just what we do,

So long as Anna's tight with Roo;

I'm always sure to love the view

Our friendship's strong, and we are going out!

We've chatted long and learned the way

To interact, share thoughts, and say

The words the other needs. Today,

There's something new and lovely to try out.

Last night I had a gorgeous vision

Magnificent in its precision

It's my life's bravest, grand decision

To share my life with his, I have no doubt.

For friendships strong I've always sought

And some attempts have been for naught

We both have friends we love a lot;

Our bond's unique--it's doughty, sweet, and stout.

When you arrive, come in my door,

Mon cher ami, et mon amour

We're on our own like ne'er before!

This evening, 'neath the stars, we'll stroll about,

My dream at last fulfilled--we're going out!

All fears and doubts are stilled

As friendship's love has willed;

My Buddy Roo and I are stepping out!


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A relationship that asks more questions than it answers. Oh, sweet anxiety, joyous doubt, certain uncertainty. I do hope it goes well...

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Inspired by (sequel to):

I'm going to meet my friend tonight

When we hold hands, my heart's so light

I'll kiss his face and…

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