A Friend Date


Getting back into the flow of writing, mostly with wordplay and poems. I'm a creative soul, from childhood to middle age, and my joy is to produce new things the world has never seen before. I'm an educator from the USA working as a college professor of lit and music. I'm learning to love myself little by little.

I'm going to meet my friend tonight

When we hold hands, my heart's so light

I'll kiss his face and hug him tight--

My pulses race just thinking of our date.

For months uncounted, it has been

My dearest wish, though still unseen,

To bravely ask, with heart serene,

If dating my best friend might be my fate.

So many months and years have passed us by

My love too massive; me too shy

And he much lovelier than I--

But never asking's so much worse than late...

My love propelled me to the brink

And made me speak, 'ere I could think--

Swallowed acceptance like a drink,

And now, at last there's not much time to wait.

I've booted up and I've logged on

Cute purple earrings I shall don

And set out soon--from now till dawn,

We're setting out together. Life is great!

We've years before us to anticipate.

Tonight is swell, and how!

I'll curtsy, he will bow

This is a change in life to celebrate!


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The anticipation drips through with every line. Lovely.

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Thank you very much! I hope it goes well. He's a total sweetheart and I'm so in love with him. We're both asexual and it's friend dating and we're thousands of miles apart, but it can still be meaningful to both of us, so I really hope for good things.

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