Gunfire: The Watch


This too shall pass.

I watched the captain leave and turned to face the bridge windows again. Poryse kept my hands in his view, I noticed.

"Relax, man. There is no danger to the ship from me."

He carefully held his expression neutral.

"If that's true, then you won't mind me asking - casual like - about what your business is."

Should I tell him?

"What is an airship but an escape, Poryse? You must understand, one way or another."

"Yes, I understand. But are you escaping or just running, Arrere?"

I laughed, low and mirthlessly. Which of my mistakes were we talking about now?

"What does it matter? It's not the destination, man. It's the journey."

Poryse stood quietly beside me and shook his head slowly.

"Take some advice from one who once was as mistaken as you, friend. You can outrun almost everything in this world if you run far enough and fast enough. But your own guilts, your pain and your grief - they cannot be outrun, because you carry them with you."

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Gunfire: The Conn
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