Clairvoyance Over Cards


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"Autumn now," Grandma spat, rocking in the tired oak chair. A graying cat sat in her lap, wide eyed.

Sure enough, the trees had become rusty red.

Grandma's children affirmed her assessment with a grunt. They were rooted here by obligation only, and passed the time by playing uninspired euchre. Janet popped pills every half hour on the dot, but no one said anything.

"Lucy wins the hand! Then Charlie!" Grandma croaked, roughly stroking the old tabby.

And sure enough, they did. They chuckled and dealt another hand.

"Janet's out of pills. Paul has more."

Shadows crossed over the faces of her children. Grandma rocked quicker. After a few more hands, Paul reached into his pocket and handed Janet a new bottle.

"Lucy dies first. Good riddance, doesn't like Charlie's black wife."

"What the HELL, mom?!" Lucy shrieked. She unearthed herself and stormed away, tripping and hitting her head on the breezeway concrete. She bled rusty red.

The other children panicked.

"I live the longest," Grandma groaned. "Good."


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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Good!? She's their MOTHER for goodness' sake! :) Something is slipping in Grandma's brain and it is eerily accurate. I want her to say more, but then again, I don't.

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First of all Euchre. =) You must be from the midwest.

Second of all. Excellent piece. Very engaging.

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  • 5 out of 5
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