Misplaced Trust


Getting back into the flow of writing, mostly with wordplay and poems. I'm a creative soul, from childhood to middle age, and my joy is to produce new things the world has never seen before. I'm an educator from the USA working as a college professor of lit and music. I'm learning to love myself little by little.

I'm edging closer daily to despair

From which, I doubt I ever can escape.

I brood on all the times I wasn't there

When he was suffering cruelty and rape


I'd never known, 'til later, how unfair

His lover's treatment was--how mean, how vicious.

My friend would cry, "My life's beyond repair!"

But so did I; I never felt suspicious.


In time, I gathered there was something worse

Than inner voices poisoning his mood;

That somebody abused him, like a curse,

Gaslighting him with glee--A demon lewd.


He'd thought it was his lover, but instead,

It was my friend's tormentor in his head.


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