Gunfire: The Conn


This too shall pass.

Poryse raised his mug and took a sip.

"Not always, but it's a joy to be here when it is. Oh, excuse me - captain on the bridge!"

I turned at the same time as the officer. Captain Jerem held his gold-topped cane under one arm and leafed through the duty logs with the other.

"Lieutenant, Monsieur aul Monsaut. Good morning. Is there anything to report, Lieutenant?"

"We made visual contact with two cargo haulers briefly, beyond signal range. Weather warnings for this afternoon, so we should stay at Navaska. All quiet otherwise, captain."

"Very good. How is our guest - no trouble, I hope?"

"He's keeping me sharp, captain."

"Very good. Carry on - you have the bridge. Helmsman should be up shortly."

Jerem turned and left, but not without making a curious gesture with his left hand that was half-hidden by his sleeve and the angle of his arm. I assumed it was an instruction to Poryse, which was confirmed when the officer stiffened a tiny amount.

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Gunfire: The View
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