You Look Awful


A long-lost ficleteer trying to take a shot at writing once again.

You look awful, I said to myself as I gazed disapprovingly at my appearance in the floor length mirror. I saw an exhausted, overworked woman staring back at me. She was familiar, but only vaguely so.

My hair was frizzy, but there was no time to fix it. My outfit wasn't what I wanted, but did it really matter anyway? My eyes were bloodshot from too many consecutive sleepless nights.

I could just back out, I thought. It's not too late. I could stay in, grab a glass of wine, put on pajamas, and watch a movie instead But he seemed like such a nice guy... I couldn't bring myself to disappoint him.

I was quite exhausted after a long string of failed modern-day blind dates.

Okay, fine. Tinder dates.

Everyone makes mistakes, right? This would be the last one for sure. I would meet him, have dinner, hug him goodbye, and be on my merry way home to delete my account.

I heaved a great sigh as I backed away from the mirror, grabbed the keys to my Ford, and headed out the door.


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Well, I can see that this calls for a sequel....

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