One Way Out

Robert Quick

Where the -@!# did my muse go?

Writer, dreamer, knight, shackled by entertainment . . . and people.

Story is marked as mature.

Adam watched the rope retreat up the sheer wall until it was gone. “Nice going, jackass. Now how're we going to get out? I told you to secure the carabiners. Fuck!”

“Calm down, man. We just make a phone call, give these folks their tour, and by the time we're done, help will have arrived.” J.K. said.

The three tourists looked at each other, awkward in their headlamps. Finally the Indian woman, Prisha, asked, “Does this mean we're trapped down here?”

J.K. said, “Temporarily. A few hours at most. Plenty of time for the tour. You'll get your money's worth and be able to tell people how you were trapped for hours. Imagine Thanksgiving dinner when you casually drop that bomb. You'll all be brave survivors.”

"And if there's no signal?"

"Then we'll light our gear on fire and have the smoke draw help."

"In here?"


Seven hours later, strapped side by side with J.K. in an ambulance, Adam managed to spit out, through a fit of choking, "I still hate you and you're banned from all future jobs. Idiot."


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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

Smoke worked, but I think they need to triple check their safety lines.

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Story prompt:

Joss Whedon says, "The stupidest person in the room might have the best idea," when referring to writer's block.

Take your characters, trap them, and have a random, possibly stupid, character say the most ridiculous idea ever, and have it work! Go!

No idea is a stupid idea by ElshaHawk LoA

  • Published 5 years ago.
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