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The key was engraved with MEMENTO.

"Undelete. What could he mean by that?" I asked the room in general. Hard Drive, looking depressed, did not answer. He was waiting for confirmation that Scroll and Locke were in fact compromised in our last mission. He'd been sad since Fetus passed, but to lose them might break him. He was grasping his last shred of hope. Daemon paced, his boots squeaking.

C:\ steepled his fingers and checked his watch every few seconds. "Undo, Undone, or possibly the opposite of delete."

"I wish I could regain the program I lost last night." Virus mused.

"Re-! Redo! Reuse!" C:\ shouted.

"Recycle!" chuckled Taskman who was only there to clean up the paper plates from lunch.

I sat bolt upright. "Genius, Taskman!"

"What is genius?"


"It's a saying from like, WAY back." Taskman blushed.

"No, no. What's in the parks, all of them? Recycling bins! They have little hatches on the side for maintenence to unlock and service them. They take a KEY to open!"

"Great scott!" C:\ declared.

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