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The alley wasn't completely dark behind the Chinese Restaurant where a brick wall faced me. Rudy.

I began the translation program.

"Hello, Rudy."

"Bonsoir, Elsha"

"Please let me in. S'il vous plaît laissez-moi entrer."

"Mot de passe?"

"I don't have a password! It's an emergency!"

"Why didn't you say so?"

The door opened. I stepped in. The lab was just as we left it. Tables were hastily cleared, a few items helter-skelter. It looked like he left in a hurry. He did. "Rudy? I'm looking for Acrylic's memory."

"Vous avez besoin d'une clé."

"A key? What key?" Rudy simply repeated the instruction.

"Who has the key? Uh, Qui a la clé?"

"Blanche laiteuse."

"Milky Way? I'm not searching the stars! Who has the key!?"

"Blanche laiteuse."

"Oh, Milky WHITE! Fetus. But she's dead, Rudy." I nearly began to cry. Then I heard a click across the room. A hidden panel had swung open a crack. Opening it and reaching in, I pulled out a scrap of paper. "MEMENTO Undelete 256 City Park East."

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