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"Fetus said we could reboot his memories," I said sadly staring off in the direction of her body.

"If we can find his backups!" C:\ declared.

"I've never been to Acrylic's hideout," Hard Drive confessed.

"I have." I said quietly.

"Good! Start there!" C:\ jumped out of his seat, ready to shove me out of the door.

"But I have to get past Rudy and he only speaks French. Do you speak French?" I looked at the two men. They shook their heads. "The only person I know who speaks French is an outsider; a thug. I lost contact ages ago."

"Did you two work together?" Hard Drive asked after a pause.


"Did you have a meeting spot?"


"Well, let's say you did. I can make a dead drop you can deliver to him. He can record the French phrases on it and you can get past Rudy."

"Can you do it without spiking the power?"

"Even a baby could. But when he records, it has to be someplace that's already using lots of power."

I placed Fetus' mod capsules on the table in a row. "Like an oxygen bar."

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Inspired by (sequel to):

"I am glad to see that you survived!" C:\ said, hugging me warmly.

"Who's this nut?" Acrylic asked,…


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