We Are The Good Guys

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Hard Drive jumped in the backseat and positioned Acrylic in a wrap hold. "Okay, wake him."

I kicked him in the heel again and after a whine and a moan, his eyes fluttered open and he began to squirm.

"Gerroff me!"

"Acrylic. Look at me!" I got right in his face. "We have to get to safety. The droids will find us here."


"The ones with guns. We are the good guys. You have to trust us."

Acrylic looked around and saw the body of Fetus. "What did you do to her?"

"She sacrificed herself to save us!" My voice finally cracked. Unbidden tears sprang to my eyes. Acrylic took those in.


Hard Drive let go of him and we all exited the car. Hard Drive punched a button and the hydraulic lift raised the car up to the ceiling. "We have 2 minutes 'til the droids come." He opened a sewer hatch exposed by the lift. "I'll go first with the girl."

Acrylic followed, hesitantly, and I held Fetus' body while Hard Drive closed the hatch. As sirens echoed their way into the shop above, we wound our way towards HQ.

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