No Time for Tears

ElshaHawk LoA

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Hard Drive's sobs racked his body as he buried his head in his arms beside the still, milky white form of Fetus on the table.

I fumbled with the small cylinders I'd removed from her body without even pausing to consider how they were a part of her. I knew her longer and I wasn't crying. Would Acrylic cry if he weren't knocked out? I glanced over at the car, Acrylic still slumped in the back seat. It hit me how much we needed him.

"Hard Drive?" My voice was soft, as I touched his shoulder. He sniffed and looked up at me.

"How long are we safe here?"

"I've never been infiltrated," he boasted. But as his gaze crossed to Acrylic in the car, he recalculated. "You're right. We need to find out about the others and get her safely to her burial."

"Do you have coms to HQ?"

"The power grid's monitored; any increase in power, say turning on a PC to chat, would trigger droids." Hard Drive grabbed the defibrillator and forced it's case open with his massive biceps. "We need to make our own power."

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