The Eagles of Meth Metal


South African.

Leafy goodness!

One of these crazy old nights, before the sun comes up. The wicked wind whispers and moans.

A boy with fiery eyes is waiting for an angel in white.

He found out a long time ago what a woman can do to your soul, but this voice keeps whispering: "She was just another woman; some dance to forget."

She drives on through the night, between the dark and the light; anticipating.

She wasn't just another woman. Her mind is Tiffany twisted. The daughter of the devil himself.

Lines on her face.

Such a lovely face.

She rushes to his arms, they fall together.

Sweet summer sweat.

Now's he's holding her, but she pulls away and leaves him with a smile - a thin disguise. Sparks fly from her fingertips.

"Relax. You can never leave. We are all just prisoners here."


That's just some people talking...


100% Eagles lyrics. You gotta love the Eagles.


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Ficlyrically by rhubarb_j

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