South African.

Leafy goodness!

I have erred.

Jeopardised my mission in a way I haven't for so very long. Cleaned it as well as I could, didn't I?

I did.

Yes I did.

No matter - they will find it, with their crime scene specialists and their Luminol and their databases and their trained, ingrained persistence. My essence spilled. Inadvertently remaindered. Linked, invariably, to youthful errors made many, many years ago.

They will cross-reference. Records will be revealed. How I tried to convince them. How I showed them; showed them that the monsters are real. They refused, they refuse, to see the truth.

My service rewarded with a cage. Padded. No monsters there, but I always sensed them. Always felt them. Outside. Everywhere.

Constant, eternal persecution.

They won't listen. They don't understand. They are blinded to how this virus, programmed only to replicate and to destroy, is murdering her.

Mother understands. Mother Earth loves me as I love her. Mother tasked me. Stop the virus. Stop the spread.

Stop the children.


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Nicely done. I didn't see the "I am Legend" reversal coming.

  • #1414 Posted 5 years ago
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  • 5 out of 5
ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

From the beginning, it seems they haven't yet been caught and put in the cell, which means there's still time. Go save the planet!

  • #1415 Posted 5 years ago
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Thank you Robert - and for the prompt too.

No zombies, Elsha, just a child murderer who's still on the loose! Happy? :)

  • #1418 Posted 5 years ago
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Woah, this is really good, well done!

  • #3174 Posted 4 years ago
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Thanks nuclearsubmarine, your kind words are most appreciated!

  • #3175 Posted 4 years ago
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Story prompt:

Monster hunting takes it's toll on on the hunters in the form of strained relationships, bodily injury (up to and including death), the doubts that they are doing any good at all. Show the price that a hunter is paying.

The Price of Hunting Monsters by Robert Quick

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