Gray Blind 5


South African.

Leafy goodness!

The cube was less than two inches square, yet somehow heavy enough to thwart Rachael's best efforts at forcing the door. Persistence unrewarded, she knelt and reached her hand through the gap, the appendage instantly transformed by her damaged synapses into the image of the silver backed hairbrush, simultaneously ornate yet commonplace.

Idle observation: cognitively detached, impotent, watching as the brush-hand creeps forward, seemingly of its own volition.

Ecstacy and terror: certainty that contact with the cube will result in both orgasmic fulfillment and soul-wrenching loss, unable/unwilling, unwilling/unable to prevent the glacial forward motion.

A thousand hairs. Tiny legs. The handbrush moves.


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Hello, and welcome to Ficlatte! Thank you for this continuation. I'm not entirely certain how I want to proceed now that there is a part 5 from you, but perhaps it can branch into two alternate versions? The beauty of the sequel feature is anyone can add to the stories, and therefore we can explore different visions... :D

I had not envisioned a continuation of this kind, but it's very interesting and also well written!

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Hello there slapdashmonuments!

Thank you for your welcome and kind words.

I imagine that the format here at Ficlatte lends itself to not only sequels contributed by random persons such as myself, but also to as many alternate versions as one could want - which sounds great to me.

I apologise if I've disrupted the continuity of your tale - I read through a few stories here and this is the one which asked me if I would take a few minutes to play with it, so I did.

insert smiley-faced emoticon here

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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

It is a good continuation, building on her disassociation with reality.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

With one socked foot, Rachael pressed against the glass door tentatively, listening hard. Her eye wa…

Gray Blind 4
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