Fawn Girl


Escapist from Ficly! So glad the community has found a new home thanks to some dedicated writers.

"Sweet girl, you've started your Moon Tides," the kind old woman told me, her dark hand holding too tightly to mine. "I know you're frightened, but it's cause for celebration! I've drawn a bath, dear. Get yourself cleaned up."

Wordlessly, pink with shame, I followed her pointing finger to the tub at the end of her hut.

She had turned from me, but I watched her as I disrobed and stepped in the hot water. A sleek dagger was pulled from a drawer, and without thought, she made a quick cut in her finger. With a practiced motion, she circled the dripping scarlet around an ornate candle, and lit it simultaneously, but I saw no flint.

"Are you decent? Good. Look, love. Your Moon Tides will come every 28 days or so, like the moon. But don't worry." A twinkling starscape had materialized over the candle, glistening with potential. "Your magic is about to awaken."


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Robert Quick

Robert Quick

Seems strange. Mostly the part about the protagonist mentioning the other character only as a kind old woman. Very intimate material for so distant a person. Presumably the protagonist is in trouble and on the upside (if magic is in fact an upside), then she is about to claim her birthright? The repetition of certain words (pink with shame, pointed finger, dripping scarlet, candle X2, glistening potential) remind me of the opening of the Fall of the House of Usher. The gloominess of Poe's tale is exchange for sexuality and womanhood.

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Thanks for your feedback! I've not read the Fall of the House of Usher, but now I want to!

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