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Yindia collected people. She couldn't help it; she was a goddess. Her beauty and reverent nature inspired humans of all walks of life to fall into awe with her. People brought her gifts, offerings of anything from flowers and handmade jewelry to foods and incense.

They called to her. They asked her for blessings. She wasn't sure at first how to respond. One day she began to dance. The people liked it. They tried to dance like her. They would spin and chant and spin until they felt something inside them. They would cry out and tears would come and they would believe.

Yindia gave her gifts to the Goddess Mother for inspection. The old woman was still beautiful, but not fair and kind. She let Yindia live as long as she brought in goods. She fed Yindia small fruits, bread, and wine, which she bartered for in the village disguised as a peddler woman who sold trinkets for Yindia worshipers to buy and maybe bring back to Yindia the next day.

Yindia didn't keep the people she collected, but they stayed.


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Oooh. A neat concept, and there are lots of great one-liners in this story that give it heft and impact at off-beat moments. I liked this a lot.

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I agree with HSAR, and that's a killer last line.


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Story prompt:

Write a story including a collection. People collect all kinds of things, so do rats and raccoons and ravens.

What odd thing does your character collect?

Or use collection as a verb, what are you taking up a collection for?

Collection by ElshaHawk LoA

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