Whatever Happened to Check Yes or No?

ElshaHawk LoA

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I heard someone clear their throat immediately behind me. Looking over my shoulder as I grabbed a book out of the top of my locker I saw the long hair and striking blue eyes of a stranger. I only recognized her because she was friends with HER.

"It's really mean and cold, what you're doing. Are you gonna answer her or not?" Her cheeks flushed with anger.


"You know what I mean. The note?"

"What note?"

"THE note, from her."

"From who?" My cheeks flushed with humiliation. I knew who.

"She put it in your locker. You found it, right?"


A little folded paper dropped to the floor at my feet. We both stared at it for much too long.

"Read it!" she commanded and turned on her heel to melt into the crowd.

As soon as I was seated in class and the bell had rang, I opened the note. It was from HER. She wanted to give me chance, I think. It wasn't exactly clear. There were a lot of words. Whatever happened to check yes or no? I read it over and over between taking notes.

I had no idea how to answer


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