A Beautiful Death


An alumnus of both Ficlets.com and Ficly.com. Who, for some weird reason, is starting his time here with an abundance of cannibalism-themes stories. O.o

She walks down the street in a red dress. Her long, black hair, emerald eyes, and pale skin catch me, even from across the street. How is it that no one else notices her?

She turns her head, looking directly at me. A smile, a wink, and I'm frozen in place. It's not love, obviously. It's not even lust. It's just pure awe. And, as I watch, it turns to fear.

She stops behind a middle-aged man talking to his friends. Still, no one sees her. She's suddenly holding a key. And old fashioned key, like you would probably see in and old castle. My mind tries to make sense of things as she slides the key into his head, gives it a half turn, then pulls it back out. No force, no blood, not a hair out of place.

He stops talking, presses his fingers to his temples where the key was, and falls to the ground. I hear cries of "Stroke!", "Heart attack!", and "Call 9-1-1!" It's no use. He was gone before he even fell.

She blows me a kiss, and mouths the words, "See you soon."

I couldn't ask for a more beautiful Death.


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ElshaHawk LoA

ElshaHawk LoA

I'd like to think there is a team with a rainbow of colored eyes and colored keys..

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Hmmm... That has potential. I must ponder that!

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Whoa. This is intense.

  • #1326 Posted 6 years ago
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  • Published 6 years ago.
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