Reinstalling my System (4)


Inspiration hits with a flash, stories written on the go. A rumble of laughter and the tale is heard only in echoes. The wind blows me in a new direction. Whom shall I visit next?

The progress bar moves slowly still

Do not unplug your unit,

I rub my temples wearily

I know I can't assume it

Will really work. I doubt the flaw

Was ever in the OS.

My heart has always burst with love

Though I was e'er the slowest

At finding anyone to love

Me back; my love was spurned

And so there was no conflict till

At last it was returned!

I thought my heart was satisfied,

Its constant yearnings over

The movies told of One True Love;

So I could ne'er discover

Another to reciprocate

Romantic love but them,

Nor would I truly love again

The flood was fin'lly stemmed.

So firmly was this mindset fixed

I failed to find it fake

For many years, despite the warnings

That my feelings spake.

I tried to muffle my heart's shouts,

Withdrew from every friend

I thought, to cut connections off

I'd make the clamor end,

And deadened all emotions. Even

Family love was muted,

While bonds to stalwart childhood dears

I grimly executed.

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Reinstalling my System (3)

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