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"More on the rise of red algae and what that means for the apocalypse at 6, but first; Why should parents be watching their pediatricians closer than they watch the presidential election?"

Steve threw his half-eaten biscuit at the TV, "Oh for Chr---, Jimmeny Crickets! Do people actually believe this stuff!?"

If he hadn't broken his leg and had it suspended in the hospital stirrup, he'd be able to reach the remote and turn off this drivel. As it was, the nurses refused to answer his call button since he'd pushed it for everything from pillow fluffing to extra biscuits.

"Time for a bath Mr. Spalding." The nurse sounded annoyed, like she'd drawn the short straw.

"Could you change the channel, first?"

"Could you use manners?"


"..and next up; Exclusive interview with man who claims to have walked on water."


Face screwed up in concentration, the nurse said, "I wonder how he did it?"

"Grr. Pretty please?"

"After this story..."


The nurse gave him a smirk. Payback.


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Microaggressions can sure add up. This sort of lowgrade battle could still end badly. Good story, well told.

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Also! Great use of aptly named Scare Quotes.

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lacrimae rerum

lacrimae rerum

This was really funny, and I loved the dialogue style of writing.

  • #1320 Posted 6 years ago
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Author's prompt text:

Is the media manipulative?


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