Gunfire: The View


This too shall pass.

The day, like the night, was cold and dark. After breakfast, I took two mugs of steaming coffee out to the bridge and shared one with the officer on bridge watch. Thick cloud gathered threateningly in the skies above us, and the barometer was still falling. The outlook was poor, we agreed, and concurred that there would likely be a storm around the early afternoon.

We would reach Aery Navaska just before then, and remain there both to resupply and wait out the weather. Flying the Raventops blind was the way many captains lost their ships.

"Enough business, Arerre," the officer concluded, using my false name. "There are still a few bells on this watch, and I could do with a conversation to keep me sharp. Will you stay a while and indulge me?"

I set my mug down and settled more comfortably on the walnut-trimmed railing. Despite the grey cloud surrounding us, I had to admit that the quiet rhythm of the ship was deeply comforting.

"It would be my pleasure, Poryse. Is bridge watch always this peaceful?"

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Eight months! I'm sorry, readers.

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References! Poryse enjoys being on watch, I guess.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

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