The Desire of Flesh


This too shall pass.

Gulmar, their squad leader, explained the process. Ideally the unconscious team would be taken out of the mists and allowed to recover on their own, but such luxuries could not be afforded in the here and now. Thus their mage would enter the mindspace of each in turn and attempt to diagnose their condition from within. Those who were fit would be woken immediately. Gulmar did not explain what would happen to the others.

Tenever and Astarlane both volunteered to go in with the mage as backup, and were gratefully accepted. While she prepared, Tenever caught Astarlane's eye, thumping his chest and making a slow circle motion above the ballistic plate.

Are you all right / are you ready?

She nodded, breathing deep to hide the rising blush on her cheeks. He could have been enquiring after just about anything.

The orc mage rose, wreathed in incense, and muttered a long stream of her language. Something far more tangible than ordinary dream magic seized them by their threads and dragged them from their bodies.

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