Life Looks Like - PART 1


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Lyrics, licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0, by robomoon. Set to music on . Lyrics contain a derivative of "Life Is Like A Canvas ~ Another Poem For Her" by Ficly member "The Silence [All By Myself] {LoA}" licensed under on

Life looks like a canvas, paint it your way

Paint it over if the ground goes astray

Make the most wonderful pictures you can

Even if your unsure of the whole plan!

CHORUS: Life looks like a canvas. Or an uncompleted atlas.

But love requires more than one painter

Otherwise the colors look fainter

As painters we'll paint on your canvases and mine

All our pictures are destined to shine

Our scenes are mountains, choose, take your pick

If you pick Maxwell Montes, no path will be quick

This mountain seems hot; but compared with its top,

Cleopatra crater yields a hotter spot

A hotter spot



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