The Demons of Desire


This too shall pass.

The thought of domination stayed with her as she completed her own morning rituals in the same Lux Aeterna.

It wasn't strictly necessary, of course. Magic flowed through her body as well as the breath of life did (perhaps better), inseperably braided into every movement and thought. This was the power that magicians like Tenever would never know, with their scientific need to understand. The mystery of the thing was part of its power - take it away and you were left with the unstoppable, yet ever-clinical spellcasting delivered by the Academies.

No, her morning moments were an indulgence. It was because of him, and she hated it, but equally she could never resist tasting the faint trace of his presence, that which was left behind in the light everlasting after the man had gone.

She took her moment and opened her eyes. The day waited: physical proximity and emotional distance.

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The Fate of Demons
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