Hraz'Elarion: Running

HS Wift

I have been HS Wift for the longest time now, through some of the darkest hours I have known, and it warms my heart to know that the light that led me through lives on still.

May it never die.


No sooner than the pair behind Hraz reached for him did a rock catch each of them across their foreheads.

Suddenly on alert, the leader of the slavers spun about, only to be met at the waste by two hundred pounds of flying dwarf. Acting on instinct, Hraz had just enough time to step aside as Therin tumbled over the bandit as they fell to the floor.

The dwarf looked to the elf with a smile, "Time we were going, methinks." As the two remaining slavers helped their three fallen friends to their feet, the unlikely pair escaped into the shadows.

After running for about ten minutes, the pair came to a rudimentary little shack, tucked away at the back of some dead end street. It was assembled from bits of boxes and crates and canvas, tossed away by stall owners and sailors with no further need of them.

"Tell me, boy, do ye wanna go back to that burnin' orphanage, or is yer mind set on runnin' away?"

Hraz'Elarion paused a moment, "Running away," he said simply.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

"'Ere, boy!"

Hraz turned to see a trio of men approaching from the direction of the orphanage.


Hraz'Elarion: Snatched
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