The Fate of Demons


This too shall pass.

The wizard straightened, finally meeting the expectant gaze of the squad leader. She spoke first, her accent devoid of German influence.

"Anything, Tenever?"

"Very little. Her name is Astarlane, a sorcerer of purely human origin and power worthy of respect."

"Does she know anything about the package?"

"She is not the mission objective."

"Let's go, then. We will lose the light soon."

She had cleared her throat, having observed enough of the interaction between them to form her opinion of their relationship. Both turned to look at her, wearing identical eyebrow-raised expressions. The dull click of a disabled safety catch behind her was a warning from one of their faceless squadmates.

"You could ask about what you seek. It is, after all, possible that our interests may be aligned."

The squad leader fixed her with an impatient stare. She was no uniform-clad novice, however, and she could play the dominance game.

It was, after all, what she did every moment of her waking day.

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