The Reversals of Fate


This too shall pass.

The same fury welled up and drove her from her position in a savage punch of force. She flipped neatly in the air and came back down, blade ready, looking up.

She saw him charging, fire in his eyes. She saw the blue scythe materialise in his hands. And she had just enough time to have the thought which, even then, she knew she would regret.

The first strike blew her defences wide open. The second hit her sword with such force it was torn from her hands. The third came in horizontally at shoulder height and expelled her from his mind.

And that was the only time she had seen him use a weapon of such brutality. She woke a few seconds later to the feel of restraints being fastened around her wrists. A familiar burning sensation revealed that the restraints were heavily woven with anti-arcanics, preventing her from using her magic. A similar device was locked around her throat.

A tendril of thought tapped at her mind.

If you reveal any of what you saw, Astarlane, I will kill you without hesitation.

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More notes to myself, though at this point it is for the old phrase "plans hold no value but planning does".

Magicians have a finite power source, recharged shortly before or after sleeping. In times of emergency, a skilled and talented practitioner like Tenever could possibly take a nap to replenish a small part of his supply, but it is not viable long-term.

Sorcerers, however, as well as being freer with the number of spells they cast, can also cast nearly continuously as long as they do not get overly ambitious and draw too much power. With certain techniques they can store energy in a very short term to boost their output, but they can't store the amount of power wizards can.

Incidentally, this should reveal a little about just how important Tenever considered that last piece of communication.

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Inspired by (sequel to):

He shifted under her, but he was firmly immobilised, and quickly gave up.

"How -"

She smiled widel…

The Humanity of Reversals
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