The Pain of Tenderness


This too shall pass.

Astarlane emerged into her safeguarded mental space instantly, watching in third person as Tenever caught her body in physical space and lowered her to the floor with what she thought was unnecessary gentleness.

She barely avoided jumping when there was a genteel cough from behind her.

"You are not supposed to be here." She spoke in German, but the intention to speak was what mattered here.

He mused a little, then responded in English. "On the contrary, the spell has functioned exactly to specification."

She snarled and swung her sword at him ineffectually. His calm, smug expression did not change.

"This may be your mindspace, but this image is projected from mine. You have no ownership over me, though reverse situation is certainly different."

"What do you want?"

"I want your secrets... Astarlane. I want to know the things you do not want me to know."

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Warzone kindness

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She had first seen him in the ruins in Berlin, trailing Sadie's point man. His power, dimmed in the …

The Eternity of Pain
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